About High Quality Supplementation

There are so many supplements out there and it can be extremely confusing as the consumer to pick out the good from the bad.  I've spent years researching the best product lines, and I am happy to share all of this with you. These are products that I use myself, for my family , and with all of my clients.  All the products are pharmaceutical-grade brands that have extremely tight quality control and manufacturing guidelines.

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Why Do I Use Supplements?

As a nutritionist I always try to use food as medicine first, but oftentimes we need supplementation to fill in the gaps of our diet. Here are some of the most common reasons I use high quality supplementation:

  • Overworked and depleted soils, which means less nutrients in out food. Even if it is healthy
  • Conventional growing methods leave produce far less nutritious than organic farming methods
  • Poor digestion that leads to poor absorption and assimilation
  • Overcooking foods which destroys valuable nutrients
  • Microwave cooking which alters the nutritional structure in foods
  • Long storage periods (including freezing) of foods which depletes the nutritional value of most foods
  • Limited food choices which leads to areas of nutrient deficiency
  • Food omission diets based on allergies, desire for weight loss, and poorly designed diets which omit important dietary sources of nutrients
  • Pesticides and herbicides
  • Poor lifestyle habits: smoking, alcohol and caffeine consumption can inhibit the absorption of certain nutrients and accelerate the loss of others
  • Stress can increase nutrient requirements and deplete existing 
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