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Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, 
Yoga Teacher, Mama, and lover of coffee! 

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Give yourself 15 minutes to breathe and RESET your body and mind.  A slow, mindful practice with a focus on releasing physical tension and calming the mind.

Yes! I Need a RESET

Quick Glute & Hip Workout

Strong glutes and hips are essential for performance, injury prevention, and of course we all want a nice booty :)  Check out this fast and effective workout.

Start Sweating

My Favorite Breath Technique

Learn the technique that I've used for years to manage stress!  It's quick and easy and most definitely WORKS!

Start Relaxing
"You don't have to spend hours working out to see results. What works is a diverse program with a focus on movement, recovery and mindfulness."

J U L I E   M U R R A Y

Short, effective workouts for ALL LEVELS!  These interval workouts lengthen and strengthen your muscles and burn calories. Trust me you don't need hours in a gym you just need smart workouts that work!

Combining strength and mindfulness is such a powerful duo.  Level up your training with classes that calm your mind, and stretch and strengthen your body. JMW Studio is full of classes for ALL LEVELS!

We could all use a little more ZEN in our lives, right?  Learn POWERFUL stress management techniques that calm both your body and mind.  No meditation experience necessary, this is TRULY FOR EVERYONE!

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